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The Shining

Obsessed with youth, December turns
colder & colder. I make up characters

to sell a story. Jack & Jill went up the hill
was hummed forever ago. As kids we assumed

by crown they meant the shiny kind. We were
taught all books were about honesty. I thought

verse was honey only few bees knew instinctively
what to do with. I learned about men from my father

first. I first believed in power after learning the sun moves
flowers who live thousands of miles from it. Which reminds me

of summer. As a storyteller concerned with truth, Jack gets a job as
a winter caretaker. The book he writes on his downtime becomes a bit

repetitive. Jill isn’t a Winnie or a Freddie. Jack ends up falling & chasing her
with an axe. What the hell? Somebody get your dad. As a storyteller concerned with truth,

I never intended to become a writer. As a child my father’s voice boomed so loudly, we joked he
woke the dead. He told stories mostly about white women & debt. Of our rewards in heaven.

That's the funny thing about telling a story no one will buy.
So what do we do for work?

Janelle Affiong Effiwatt is from Tucson, Arizona. She holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’  Workshop where she wrote Like a Thin Hustle (Letter Machine Editions 2019). Janelle is also a first reader for the 2021 Bergman Prize, a program of Changes.

Thumbnail: Salvador Dalí, The Eye of Time