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Three by Gabriel Palacios

Nothing in Altus

but the AFB
the glut of replacement
pilots training
out of one hotel
I applied there
for night audit
years ago
its streams seethed the flamingo
did not last

the gift shop
closed its doors—

it was a field hospital

               we’re tired

               tired of
               your eyes

Check In

Don’t sweat the hot
diseases slushing up from ice
graves, nothing in it
you can use for inspiration,

shade from starlight,
dumb police,
a xeric biome freckled every street sign with its
auto parts mart, the lights aroar
on bare white pegboard, leaking toward a

vicious hairless stray in stark decline I know of through
my sources, Lord Aldo, shaking
himself out from his bad dream
against the piss-enameled steel shop door.

“You suffer,” Aldo goes,

night terrors too?”

“I do,

I absolutely do.”
Lord Aldo, still a lord

you wanna tithe
for now

Lunar Hilton Elegy
    for Ernesto Gardner

And yes, I have searched the rooms of the moon on cold summer nights.
And yes, I have refought those unfinished encounters. Still, they remain unfinished.
And yes, I have at times wished myself something different.
—Bob Kaufman

What uncanny rosary & visitation
Fuses with the moon vacation slideshow?
If beating hearts we hesitate to bury ride exterior, as satellites, inside me
                       ticks the mechanism cast to seat my token,
Turn, dispense a lurid last go
At ogling new fences up around the future, throwing back the contents of the tiny
Bottles catching future sunsets on the Biosphere’s backlot.
I have until the synthesized bells
Have twanged for that.

                       In my lifetime will I know if we are any closer,
If there were ever solid plans,
Or if the rooms of the moon were just a smudgy Palm Springs
Thrift store art print,
& it makes no sense to live there?
You needed to have come & got your mans.
When you would have recognized him in
                        the ice of dark you nod off acclimating to.

Gabriel Palacios is a poet living in Tucson, Arizona. He serves on the editorial staffs of DIAGRAM  and The Volta. Recent work appears in Annulet: A Journal of Poetics, The Laurel Review, Poetry Northwest, Fugue, and Dreginald.