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Two by Manal Kara

Approach the glacier

There is more than enough here
to turn the river against us. Let us
first consider it as a distributed system.There are
alluvial sites
, my roommate begins thru a cigarette
always merely the messenger
Silt is the preferred medium
if we wish to excise organic matter
a vacuum may be indicated
Consolidation is one form
of madness: consider the source
Its propensity to contain what we call mortal
I recommend a more porous architecture

COWBOY’S DANCE/ cowboy’s lament

I SET UP THE STAIR. Lone slutty sock
                                 slouched round ankle

                                 Actions unsettled.

                                 They had no need of the good.

                                 I could and couldn’t
but bit the breeze, quieting

                                                       the liver’s testament to time and place

                                                                            finds in me now no master

                                 to orient the nagging magnitude

If I have to learn your language            by turning to stone
                                                                           I will—

                                 what unbridled hubris !

I would return            only a rudimentary analysis.

When facts become anchored, they lose their sexiness.

I know this is wrong.

                       in the street
                       cars speed up

                       drag against each other
                       dueling in tepid publicity

                       I WANT DESPERATELY    to be on the side of the particular

II. real need is on the side of the particular— the general makes no demands of us,
hardly cares if we live

                       or the other

“let them stay in their holy fever
let them stay in their hay forever”

           curbed up acropolis

                       the least determinate state
                              to wash over your head

                                              in an instant

What have you done, that God has withdrawn Its bounty…       I am asking you once again

to be extraordinarily sweet to me

I HAVE NO LUST FOR CASTLES.  keep my hours small
as to fit in my hand.                                    bind them
                                                                           by whatever means

            close to hand. i have set

                       the full weight
                       of my liver                              on this expiring hour         some might

consider it heretical

We must resist assigning words
to parts of ourselves.

We must draw the strings together
until the thing is made whole.

FRIEND, tell me the story and start from the beginning.

Manal Kara is a Moroccan-American self-taught interdisciplinary artist. Recent solo exhibitions include THE VIEWING-ROOM VS. THE ADORING-GAZE, Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY, and Song of the Other Worm, Prairie, Chicago, IL. They have participated in residencies at ACRE, Ox-Bow, September Spring at the Kesey Farm, and Project Freewill. Upcoming solo exhibitions include No Place, Columbus, OH; Super Dutchess, New York, NY; Shulamit Nazarian, Los Angeles, CA; and Hair + Nails, Minneapolis, MN.

Thumbnail: Manal Kara, Taxonomies of brutality, whose systematics are in flux, pt. 2